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Dallas County Court Records

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Dallas County Court Records

All the official and legal transcripts that are prepared to maintain records of all the court proceedings regarding various types of civil and criminal cases are called Dallas County Court Records.

In simple words, Dallas court records are a written form of everything that was spoken on record during hearings of cases. Any court files, orders, exhibits, transcripts or documents which were noted down on, gathered and compiled during the hearings are included in the court records.

Dallas County Court Records Are Public Record

Dallas County Court records have been made accessible to the general public under the Freedom of information Act. The act is a national law that considers it a public right to get access to various records held by the government at federal and state levels.

Public records not only help the government agencies, employers and businesses but also make the government accountable to the general public as the public knows the functioning of and details held by various government departments.

Can you Access All Dallas County Court Records?

No. Only those court records are provided to the general public that are part of public records and have not sealed or erased by the court. There can be various reasons for that. Records of cases regarding juveniles, secret state information and trade secrets can be sealed by the court.

Additionally, court records are usually erased if any of the following scenarios arises:

  • Absolute pardon has been granted to a defendant
  • If a person has been declared a ‘youthful offender’ and discharged from the court’s supervision
  • More than 20 days have passed after a case has been dismissed by the court or the defendant has been released
  • The felony for which a person was convicted for is no more considered a crime

Official Dallas County Court Records

All public official transcripts of the courts can be obtained by submitting an application to the Official Court Reporter of the judicial district in which the case was heard.

For searching the records online, visit the Dallas County website or the Dallas County Texas Court Directory.

Unofficial records of the court proceedings can be obtained through various third party websites. www.searchquarry.com is a reliable third party website that gives you access to the most updated public records.

Dallas County Court Records

Dallas County Court Records

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