Cook County Criminal Records

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Cook County Criminal Records – All the Information Needed to Search

Whether you, another family member, or a close friend were charged with a criminal offense in Cook County, or you just want to snoop around into someone else’s business, finding criminal records can be a simple and complicated task. Each jurisdiction, counties in this case, have their own definitions and procedures regarding criminal records that can make the process of searching criminal records more difficult than necessary. Below is all the information you need to search Cook County. To begin your Cook County criminal records search use the above form.

What Are In Cook County Criminal Records?

Cook County criminal records are defined as case files containing information related to a specific case. This information contains an indictment or information against a defendant, the memorandum, of orders, names of witnesses or other persons involved, jurors, jury instructions, and transcripts of appealed cases and trial proceedings.

Which Cook County Criminal Records are Available?

Cook County Criminal records dating back to 1893 are available in microfilm upon request. However, the county only keeps court files for the current year and felony trial matters for two years readily available. All other records are stored away until requested.

How to Search Cook County Criminal Records

Unlike a number of other counties, Cook County only allows the viewing and inspection of criminal records in person. An order that has been in place since April 1, 2002. In order to obtain or request case files, a person must have a valid photograph identification card and complete a File Request Form that can be found here.

Check Out and Copying of Criminal Case Files

When searching for criminal records in person, you must go to the Criminal Division Office located on the 5th Floor of the Administration building. Court files can then be viewed by request and obtained at the counter. Depending on whether the file is considered active or inactive, different steps will need to be taken in order to secure the file.

If the case is active, this means that the file is still pending and can be easily accessed at the adjacent Criminal Court House. However, if the file is inactive, it will need to be requested from the Clerk’s Administrative Office or the Clerk’s Office Records Center. This can be a lengthy process to secure the file. If you know that the file is inactive, you can call in advance to order the file and have it waiting for you.

Reviewing of Criminal Case Files

Cook County provides an additional option for those that simply want to review case files by allowing people to access computer terminals located in the courthouse. These terminals provide access to review case status information on-line in the courthouse. Regardless of the type of case, Cook County criminal records can be accessed from all courthouse terminals. However, if you are simply attempting to look up Cook County docket information, that is available from personal computers anywhere by accessing the Cook County Clerk of Courts Website.

Cook County Criminal Records
Cook County Criminal Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Nicole, our public record resources are for online reference only. If you need an official transcript of this person’s criminal record history you’ll want to reach out to the clerk of the court in Cook county and they can assist you with the official documentation you need for your investigation.

  2. Nicole Woodman says:

    I am telling the truth. I am a probation agent in Minnesota. Why would I lie? We do not have means to pay for record checks. If you have a public website I can access, I can get the information from there too.

  3. Nicole Woodman says:

    It is for official purposes. He plead guilty to a Drugs-2nd Degree in Minnesota on 8/11/2022 and a Pre-Sentence Investigation Report was ordered by the Court. I am responsible for determining his prior record for sentencing purposes.

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    Nicole, we are happy to run a Cook County criminal background check on this person. Is this criminal record report that you need for official purposes or just for verification purposes?

  5. Nicole Woodman says:

    My name is Nicole Woodman and I am a probation office in the State of Minnesota. I am trying to complete a prior record check on Ricardo A. Thomas, DOB 3/8/1983 for a Pre-Sentence Investigation Report. He is currently pending felony drug charges in Minnesota. Please advise how I can find those record. Thanks!

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Hello Noelia,

    Many times it is possible to discover the truth through a criminal records search in our member’s area. You can get unlimited access for 5 days through our $2.95 trial.

    Best Regards,

    SearchQuarry Team

  7. Noelia Garcia says:

    I just want to know if this person is said the truth about what happend

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