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Clark County Criminal Records

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Clark County Criminal Records Search

If you are interested in searching and viewing Clark County criminal records, the Clark County Clerk of the Court has these records on file, and they are available for viewing.

The Clerk of the Court has on file all Clark Criminal Records from September, 1909 to present. Records that are from 1990 and later are available online. Clark criminal records are available to the entire general public, not just the legal community, courts, or other related agencies.

Not all records are publicly available; records that have been sealed by the court are not open for public viewing. The only persons who can view these records are either attorneys or litigants who were parties in the sealed case in question.

How To View Clark Criminal Records

Criminal records from Clark County can be obtained either by an in-person visit to the Clark County Records counter, via mail, or online. The online option is only available for records after 1990. If you are interested in records from prior to 1990, you must obtain them either in-person or by mail.

The records counter of Clark County is located on the third floor of the Clark County Regional Justice Center. The Regional Justice Center is located at 200 Lewis Avenue, in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you are interest in criminal records from prior to 1909, you just obtain them from Lincoln County, Nevada.

Clark County Criminal Records Online

Clark County Nevada online records can be found at theĀ Eight Judicial District Court Records Inquiry website.

On this website, you can search for criminal court records either by case number, or by cross reference number. You can also search case from file date as well as case status.

If you do not have the court case number, you must provide the complete names of parties involved in the case, as well as the year the case was filed.

Official Clark County Criminal Records

If you are interested in viewing cases that are not available online, as mentioned above you must either request criminal records by mail or view them at the Records counter. The older court case records are either in microfilm or microfiche form.
Older records may not be in the county’s Odyssey case management system; if that is the case you must pay $0.50 per year, per name in order for the court record you want to be found by the Records division.

Photocopies of records cost $0.50 a page.

Clark County Criminal Records

Clark County Criminal Records

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