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Clark County Court Records

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Clark County Court Records Search

The case proceedings from a courtroom are strictly maintained and recorded in every form. All the counties of the United States of America have now made these records available to the public through easier and convenient channels. In case of Clark County, the Clerk of the Court maintains the records and authorizes access. This system of filing started centuries back and is followed till date. The Clark court case records from the year 1990 till present are available through electronic sources as well; however, the ones dating back to earlier years, before and on the year 1909, are accessible at the department’s office by visiting in person or through mail by the public, legal community and court related agencies. To begin your Clark County Court Records Search, use the above form

In case you want to find court information on court cases dating back to 1909 and before, you will be able to find them at Lincoln County.

The information accessible through the internet can be found at the County’s official website. The results will comprise of;

  • Names of all parties and their counsel (if applicable)
  • Events which would include document titles and dates they were filed on
  • Records on dispositions
  • Records of judgment
  • Dates of hearings, which would include the one given in the past as well as the future, if any
  • Reference numbers for cases that may be related to the one you are looking for
  • Court minutes

Clark County Court Records Information

  • Information about cases that have been marked to be “SEALED BY ORDER OF THE COURT” is not open to public access.
  • The laws about stealing exhibits, transcripts and records from the Clerk’s Office are very strict
  • A nominal fee for access to court records will also be charged
  • If you are accessing the files in person, the documents can only be viewed or photocopied at the office. You cannot take them with you.
Clark County Court Records

Clark County Court Records

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