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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Arizona DOT –  Motor Vehicle Departments

 If you recently moved to Arizona or you are a long term resident who has a vehicle- or driver’s license-related issue that you need to address, then you will likely need to deal with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Many of the ADOT’s services, such as license renewal and driver record requests, can now be done online, specifically through ServiceArizona, which is authorized by the Arizona DOT to carry out such services. Below we will take a broad overview of some of the most popular services performed by ADOT and how you can complete them.

 Arizona DOT Driving Records

 You can obtain either an uncertified 39 month driving record or a title and registration motor vehicle record online through ServiceArizona. You can also print and fill out a Motor Vehicle Record Request form for either a three-year unofficial record, which costs $3, or a five-year official record, which costs $5 and either mail it to the MVD or bring it to an MVD office in person. Unofficial driving records can also be obtained online through third-party databases, including through Remember that if you need a driving record for a job offer, insurance purposes, or for court, then you will almost always need an official certified copy. Unofficial driving records are primarily for personal use.

 Arizona DOTArizona DOT Driving Test

 When scheduling a road test for an Arizona driver’s license you have a number of different options depending on the type of license you are applying for and how much you are willing to pay. If you are scheduling a road test for a regular license for driving a passenger vehicle then you can do so online. Note that those applying for a motorcycle license or a commercial driver’s license (CDL) cannot schedule a road test online and must either call the MVD or visit an office in person. A bit unusually, however, Arizona also authorizes certain third-parties to administer road tests. These third-party road test centers are separate from the MVD and cannot be booked online through ServiceArizona. They also typically cost more than booking a test though the MVD. Their big advantage, however, is that they have much shorter wait times and in many cases you can simply walk into a third-party test center and complete your road test that day.

 Arizona Driver’s License

 Arizona driver’s licenses are unique in the sense that once you get yours it will not expire until you are 65. These “extended” licenses are extremely convenient as they mean you will rarely have to worry about the hassle of renewing your license. However, you will have to undergo a vision test and update your license’s photo every 12 years. Once you turn 65 then you will have to renew your license every five years. If you have recently moved to Arizona from out of state then you will need to transfer your license immediately once you can provide proof of residency. Most out-of-state college students studying in Arizona as well as most military personnel based in Arizona are exempt from having to transfer their out-of-state licenses. While you can apply for a duplicate license online, if you are applying for your first Arizona driver’s license then you will need to visit the MVD in person.

 Arizona Driver Request Forms

 ADOT maintain a section of its website dedicated to Forms and Manuals. While the website can be little difficult to navigate, the most popular forms are listed at the top of the page.

 Arizona Traffic Tickets

 If you received a traffic ticket in Arizona, then chances are you will be able to pay for it online through the Arizona Courts Online Payment system. To do so, you will need either your notice number, case number, or citation number. Keep in mind that while most traffic tickets can be paid through the Arizona Courts website, in some cases you may have to pay through the county or city that issued your ticket, which may not offer online payment. This is especially the case for parking tickets.

 Arizona Vehicle Registration

 Arizona DOT vehicle registration renewal in Arizona can usually be done online. Additionally, vehicles that don’t need to pass an emissions test can be renewed up to six months early. To register a vehicle, you will need to provide title and proof of insurance. However, if for whatever reason you cannot get title or insurance then you can apply for temporary 90-day registration. Most other personal passenger vehicles, so long as they are not subject to emissions testing, can be registered for five-year periods.

 Arizona Title Transfers

 To transfer the title of a vehicle, you will need to visit the MVD in person. Be sure to bring with you the title application, the signed and notarized title, any title and registration fees, any necessary documents, and, if applicable, a lien release. For those transferring an out-of-state title to an Arizona title, it may also be necessary to bring an emissions testing report, vehicle inspection, license plates, and Power of Attorney from the lessor.


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Responses to “Arizona DOT Driving Records

  1. says:

    To find out what your Arizona vehicle registration cost were from last year you will need to reach out to the Arizona DOT directly. You will need a copy of your a previous years registration or the VIN and your driver’s license to obtain the AZ vehicle registration costs. The quickest way to get this information is to visit an Arizona DOT office in person. There are a multitude of different fees that are added on to your Arizona registration depending on the use and estimated value of your vehicle.

  2. says:

    I would like to know how much my vehicle registration costs werefor last year.

  3. says:

    For the purposes you mentioned you will want to reach out to the Arizona DOT directly. You will want to request an Arizona driver abstract that will show your Arizona 5 year driver abstract. This is a certified document, which will be necessary, in order to procure a Puerto Rico driver’s license.

    How to Get an Arizona Driver Abstract

    1. Visit the Arizona DOT office or website
    2. Fill out the MVR driving record request form
    3. Provide proof of an Arizona driver’s license
    4. Pay the $5 for a certified copy of your MVR record
    5. Processing by mail might take several weeks

  4. says:

    I need a document that demonstrate that I do not have any tickets with this department in Arizona. The reason is that I am trying to change the Arizona License to the Puerto Rico license. thanks.

  5. says:

    We ran an Arizona VIN check for you and did not find any correlating to the license plate of your golf card. Your best option would be to contact the Arizona DOT Motor Vehicle Department Directly. Since your golf cart is registered with the Arizona DOT they will have this information on record. You will just need to bring in your Arizona driver’s license and any documentation you have for the golf card

  6. says:

    My golf cart which is licensed in Arizona was recently stolen. I need the license plate number to file a police report. Every document I had which identifies the plate number was in the cart. The VIN number is 1S9SA14281S727259.. cAN YOU HELP?

  7. says:

    In order to get clearance for the hold on your Arizona DOT driver’s license you will need to contact the Arizona Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicle Division directly. Since they are the managing state agency that handles suspensions, revocations and other driver licensing, you will want to contact them directly.

    How to Get my Arizona Driver’s License Reinstated

    1. Contact the Arizona DOT Motor Vehicle Division
    2. Request to have the hold on your driver’s license removed
    3. Obtain clearance from the Arizona courts if necessary
    4. Pay the applicable fees and fill out the reinstatement forms
    5. Get your driver’s license reinstated once the requirements are completed

  8. says:

    My name is Wendy Maille and I\’d like information on how to get clearance for a hold on my license from the state of Arizona\’s DMV so I can obtain a state license in Nevada. Out of state-DLN: D00303030.

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