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If you’re a United States citizen then you have a public record. A public record is a piece of information used to identify someone and their history. A public record can be a birth record, marriage record, criminal record, driving record, arrest record, lien record, bankruptcy record and many more as you can imagine. These records are not freely available in most countries around the world, we have access to them because of The Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ) that was passed in 1966. There are however records that are not public domain such as adoption records, juvenile records, active duty military records and medical records to name a few. In order to procure a public record you can go to a government office and stand in line and request such information -or-  an internet search is always a good place to start. The caveat with an internet search is there are an overwhelming number of websites to scour through and not everything is going to be free. A third option is to use  and see if you can dig up what you’re looking for.  You can try us out with a 5 day trial for $3 .. Public Records Search Made Easy.

Public Records Search

Public Records Search

  1. I have paid today for information that was given on wrong James Tunstalle of Mullens, WV. and you are asking that I pay again. Why do I need to pay again and why is it not accepting my gmail address?

    • Hello Vickie,

      I am sorry that you are having difficulty gaining access to your account. Have you tried calling our customer support number, 1-800-859-7375 ?

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      SearchQuarry Admin

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