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Free Vehicle Plate Lookup Online

A free vehicle plate lookup can be useful for a multitude of reasons. You might want to verify the details of a vehicle such as; make, model, engine type, features, etc.  Or you might want to see if there is any recall or safety related issues with the vehicle in question. A vehicle plate lookup has traditionally be done using a Carfax or by going to the DMV. Now with the advent of online databases anyone can view vehicle records from any device that can access the internet. See our free online vehicle plate check below.

Free Vehicle Records Search By VIN

Free Vehicle Records Search By License Plate

Vehicle Plate Lookup By VIN

A VIN number is a unique 17 digit code that is used by the automotive industry. A vehicle VIN number lookup will reveal all the details of a vehicle such as the make, model, color and several dozens of features that define that specific vehicle. A VIN number lookup can also be used to verify the license plate number and potentially owner information. It will also potentially list recall or known safety information on that vehicle.

Vehicle Plate Lookup By License Plate

A license plate number is used by state governments to register vehicles. A vehicle plate lookup by license plate will reveal vehicle and possibly owner information. This information is typically only accessed by going to the DMV in person but can also be accessed online with our vehicle records search. License plate information can be very useful for verifying details of the vehicle, VIN information and potential safety and recall information.

Vehicle Plate Lookup For Used Vehicles

A vehicle plate lookup can be very helpful when buying a used vehicle. There might be a history to the vehicle that is not disclosed to you. There may possibly be a recall or a known safety issue. By performing a vehicle plate search by VIN number or license plate number search you’ll be able to see the complete details of the vehicle. This will help to eliminate any uncertainty and potential fraud when purchasing a used vehicle.

Additional Vehicle Plate Information

Vehicle Safety Ratings

Vehicle Recalls

Vehicle Plate Lookup

Vehicle Plate Lookup


  2. Forgot yr of my Corvette. I need to get a sticker for it and get it registered. Ricardo and Barbara alcoser

    • Hello Ricardo,

      Try entering in the VIN number, then you should get your vehicle information including the year.

      Thank You,

      Search Quarry Team

  3. Trying to buy the car

    • Hello Patrice,

      Thanks for reaching out. I am not quite sure what your question is. Can I help you find a vehicle record, a vehicle plate lookup or vin number search? We have a multitude of vehicle records, license plate information, vin number data, recall and safety information and more.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  4. I want to start an exotic car rental business and cannot find insurance to cover me.I went to a exotic rental company but they wont give me there insurance carrier.I took a picture of there license plate on a ferrari. Can you give me there insurance company.

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for reaching out about looking up vehicle records. You can lookup vehicle plate numbers, license plate numbers and VIN numbers however vehicle insurance carriers will not be listed in the vehicle plate reports. In order to find out the vehicle insurance carrier you would need to perform a CLUE report which is typically available through insurance companies and the police. Below is a link for a free trial for a vehicle plate search where you can lookup vehicle plate numbers free for 5 days.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

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