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Court Systems of the United States

There are a many different courts in the Untied States and each is governed on federal, state and county levels. The federal court system forms the judicial branch of our government and the state and county courts operate under each of the state’s individual constitutions and governance. Federal courts refer to federal government laws and not state government laws as those are governed by each of the state and county court systems. Most of the 50 states have 3 levels of courts; trial courts, appellate courts and state supreme courts, a few of the states have 2 supreme court that are separated by criminal and civil cases. See the list of the Federal and State Courts below:

The Federal Courts:

1). Supreme Court   2). Court of Appeals   3). District Courts   4). Bankruptcy Courts   5). Special Jurisdiction Courts

The State Courts:

1). Trial Court   2). Appellate Court   3). Civil Supreme Court   4). Criminal Supreme Court   5). City Courts   6). Family Courts   7). Small Claims Court   8). Tax Court   9). Water Court   10). Worker’s Compensation Court   11). Probate Court   12). Municipal Court   13). Juvenile Court   14). Municipal Court   15). Police Court   16). Recorder’s Court   17). Mayor’s Court   18). Alderman’s Court   19). Court of Claims   20). Court of Common Pleas

US Court System

US Supreme Court

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