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License plates are the unique numbers used to identify different vehicles. Every state in US has various types of plates for its vehicles. When you buy a new car, you have to register it and that is when you will be given a license plate number. License plates can be registered to anybody or any organization. When registering a license plate in Texas, you have to provide specific information like your address and what kind of insurance you have for your vehicle. To begin your Texas license plate lookup, enter a first & last name in the form above.

This license registration is usually aimed at keeping track of that car. They record that information so that in case the car is involved in some criminal activities the owner can be traced. License plates need to be regularly updated and this is done by ensuring your vehicle’s registration is always renewed.

There are some different types of plates in Texas depending on your needs. For example, if you own a vehicle your plates will be different from those of a motorcycle or truck. If the plates are for a particular organization, they can decide to apply for plates that are a bit customized.

People with disabilities can also apply and get special plates. These types of plates are known as the disability parking plates.

Through the Texas Public Information Act, you have the right to access accurate information from government records. If a car is involved in criminal activity or for some reasons you need to identify the owner, you can visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Texas DMV). When you place a request at the Texas DMV, they will provide you with all the information that the law allows them to give to the public.

Although some information cannot be disclosed due to the law prohibiting it, you can still access information like the name of whoever that plate belongs to. You can decide to pay Texas DMV, a visit in person. You can find them at 4000 Jackson Avenue, Building 1 Austin, Texas, at the office of General Counsel. You can also send them a mail to the same address.

Apart from visiting Texas DMV, you can also look up a plate online. This process is known as the reverse license plate search. Using this method you can access online databases that have records of all plate. These databases will usually give you an address of the owner and even his/her mobile phone number. If the owner is also registered in any social media platforms, you can access his profile information like his email.

The online platform also allows access to different records on Texas criminal charges that are associated with different license plates. If you do a reverse search and get the owners name, you can also see if he/she has a criminal record.

After you do a search and get a matching hit, you should proceed with caution since the results aren’t always right. Most of the time, cars that are stolen are usually the ones involved in criminal activities. As a result, you should do a thorough follow up before jumping into a conclusion. Texas license plate lookup data is available via the FOIA.gov.

Texas License Plate Lookup
Texas License Plate Lookup

Texas License Plate FAQs

Who can lookup Texas license plate information

Technically anyone can lookup license plate information in Texas as long as you have a proper reason outlined by the Texas DPPA regulations as well as the Texas NHTSA

Can I find the owner of a Texas license plate?

It is possible to find the owner of a vehicle by the Texas license plate number. The police and Texas DMV have this ability as well as some online vehicle record resources as long as you have a valid and verifiable reason that follows the Texas DPPA laws

How do I get a specialized Texas license plate?

To get a specialized or vanity license plate in Texas you need to reach out to the Texas DMV directly. You can go to TXDMV.gov to select what type of license plate you would like. Prices vary depending on what type of license plate you choose

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59 responses to “Texas License Plate Lookup

  1. Hi squarryadministrator I understand this might go a little off topic but I want to know from you do you think this woman must’ve called the police on me. It happened on June 2 when I was coming out of a grocery store after I put the bags in my vehicle I decided to place the cart in an empty parking space because I couldn’t find any place to put the cart and the moment I placed the cart in an empty parking space coincidentally this lady parked her car in that empty spot where she was about to hit me in the leg. As I sat in my vehicle I reversed blew the horn and flipped her off because I was pissed off and decided to park my vehicle in the other side of the parking lot because my mom was shopping in that area. Moments later the lady walked all the way to that parking lot knocked on my window and asked me “Did you just flip me off”? I said yes then she said “You have to be nice” this is where I got out of my vehicle and started arguing with her and told her that you need to watch where you are driving and look out for pedestrians. She apologized and said she was on her phone which is why she couldn’t pay attention to where she was driving I then told her to get out of my face and she said “Okay I’m calling the police I began to apologize and I told her that “You need to watch where you are driving” instead of listening she decided to take multiple pictures of my vehicle. In retaliation I walked up to her car and took photos of her vehicle though I couldn’t remember which one but she was driving a white car. One car was Honda Accord which the license plate said JHW 0350 and the other one was a Toyota Corolla and the license plate said BZ9 Y359. I want to know from you did this lady call the police on me I’ve been pissed for so many months which is why I needed to know if she called the police on me. The police didn’t come to my house I told my friends they said when there is no case the police doesn’t come I just wanted to know from you that do you think this lady called the police on me? Thank you

    1. It doesn’t sounds like there is a case at all for the police to respond to. We would have no idea if they were called unless an arrest or incarceration took place. Unfortunately we don’t have any affiliation with the Texas law enforcement. If you want to be certain that no police action was taken then you should contact your local Texas police department to verify this information. It sounds like your friends gave you some pretty accurate advise.

  2. The license plate of the vehicle is either a Honda Accord JHW 0350 or a Toyota Corolla BZ9 Y539 the reason I couldn’t remember because they were both white cars and they were parked together hence I had a trouble time remembering but the lady was Middle Eastern

  3. Hll8349 was in Road rage a pole in front of me and slammed on his brakes I want around him and he come straight up on my ass and I’ll put my brakes on and stop he’s cutting through the neighborhood delete shouldn’t be cutting through envelope here for 35 years I’ve never had anybody do that to me before

    1. It is unclear what you are looking for. The information you provided is difficult to understand. Can you let us know if you need assistance with a Texas public records search?

  4. I was hit in the parking lot at gym by a black mustang texas licesne plate 803 YMK. When i put the number in the querry it comes up as a honda which is incorrect.

    1. You should file a police report and contact the DMV and file a report with them as well. This is not a matter we can assist you with unfortunately.

    1. In order to perform a Texas license plate lookup or vehicle records search you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the search. Please run the information you’ve provided through our Texas license plate search and read and agree before proceeding.

  5. Question. My co-worker was had his car hit while driving and the person drove off. He was only able to get the last 4 numbers of the plate. the police said they could not help him. Is it possible to local, or at least narrow down the person that him? He know make and model.

    1. Unfortunately you need a complete license plate number to perform a license plate lookup with our resources. The police are your best option in this scenario and from the sounds of it they don’t have, or won’t relinquish, that information. Your co-worker’s best course of action is to report the hit and run to the police and their auto insurance company.

    1. If you’re looking for a Texas vanity license plate , then you will want to contact the Texas DMV as they are the issuing state agency for license plates. See below on additional instructions on how to obtain a Texas vanity license plate.

      How to Get a Texas Vanity License Plate

      1. Visit the Texas DMV website
      2. Visit the specialty license plate page
      3. Select a category for your vanity license plates
      4. Then search your vanity plate title for availability
      5. Then order your selected vanity plate through MyPlates.com
      6. Enter all your registration information and pay
      7. Your vanity plates will be mailed to you when ready

  6. A teenager hit us in the back while we were at an RR crossing. He said his mother just got the car insured for him. He did not know any more than that. We have his mothers name and phone number, but she will not respond. How can I find out if she has insurance? The plate number is CT6B301, I might have mistaken the 6 for a 0.
    It may be CT0B301. Can you tell me how to get that information?

    1. You will want to file a Texas police report with the relevant city or county in Tennessee and give them all the information you have, including the Texas license plate number and make and model of the vehicle. Additionally it’s best practice to follow up with your insurance company and they will assist you in recovering the loss and damages from the vehicle accident.

  7. Seeking to contact owner for plates I found today while walks the woods. Both plates a a ford symbot i recoveres. Texas Drivers Plate (truck) HWO 954 oe HW0 954..

    1. You will want to hand those lost TX license plates in to the Texas DMVTexas DMVTexas DMV and they will be able to find the last owner of these license plates. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with these lost plates as it does not comply with our terms and conditions.

  8. I bought a cargo t trailer from the son of the owner who died. The tag is from the year 2010, I received a bill of sale, but N.M, will not issue a title.Can I get a name and address of the owner from the Texas tag 52XNXM?

    1. Unfortunately we do not have trailer information. Our vehicle records are for motor vehicles only. That being said you can reach out to the Texas DMV and inquire with them about how to go about transferring the title of the trailer over to you. You will need your Texas driver’s license as well as the bill of sale of the trailer and any other documentation you might have.

  9. I need the year make and model of an old care of mine I am trying to sell. The License plate # is DLR1788.

    1. Bridgette, thank you for reaching out about our Texas license plate lookup. We show this vehicle license plate belongs to a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo with the corresponding VIN 4S2CK58D114356645

    1. Terri, thanks for reaching out about our Texas License Plate Lookup. In this situation we typically advise people to leave a note or call the police if the problem persists. Unfortunately we cannot run a Texas license plate number lookup for these reasons.

    1. Mona, thanks for leaving a comment on our Texas license plate lookup blog. To find out if this vehicle has a clean title you can run a vehicle history report, these will cost you a few dollars however it can uncover issues that you might not be aware of. find out the value of the vehicle , a good option is the Kelley Blue Book website ( KBB.com ). There you can find out the value of a vehicle based on it’s condition, mileage and car history.

  10. Hey I was rear ended the guy and I exchanged numbers (it\’s was really late) I took pics of the plate but it was a paper tag 2014 ford F150 54510P8 his name was Hector he wont answer or return calls, so I\’m trying to see if I can search him for insurance info, before he tries to switch the plates. Thanks for your help

    1. Your best option is to contact the Texas police and file a Hit and Run report and give them all the information you’ve collected. Then report this to your auto insurance company with and give them the police report number.

  11. I\’m trying to find out who my vehicle was previously registered to because it was stolen by a drug dealer who is now in jail and sold my truck to someone else\’s is on drugs and I\’m just trying to get it back all I have is a license plate and a bill of sale it was handwritten and a photo of my truck and my travel trailer that\’s it

    1. Heather, if your vehicle has been stolen then you should contact your local Texas police department and file a stolen vehicle report. Then contact your insurance company about the situation and give them your report number when you file your claim.

    1. Lee, in order to report an TX abandoned vehicle you will want to contact your local Texas police station and file a report.

      How To Report an Abandoned Vehicle in Texas

      To report an abandoned vehicle in Texas you can report this to your local Texas police department or law enforcement agency. If this vehicle is located on your property you can have the police remove it for a $10 fee 10 days after you report the vehicle and the police have attempted to contact the registered owner.

    1. If you experienced a hit and run from a car accident, where the other driver hit you and drove off without exchanging information, you will want to contact the Texas police and file a hit and run report to protect yourself and get proper compensation. Then you can notify your insurance company and hand them the police report. This typically expedites you getting compensated and getting your vehicle repaired.

    1. Thank you for reaching out about our Texas license plate lookup blog. Please let us know what you’re interested in finding out. We offer a full vehicle history report for a nominal fee where you can verify all the information you’ll need about a vehicle from Texas.

  12. i am looking who owns or has the vehicle been sold to plate Bh68753. Thank you . I am co-owner and i think they sold it without my signature.

    1. Marita, unfortunately we cannot lookup who a vehicle was sold to however you can visit the Texas DPS directly and lookup a vehicle history report to verify this information. Then you might want to find out if it’s possible for someone to sell a vehicle that was in your name.

  13. My wife\’s car has tag #cjp 3434 and we have toll tag. Driver of a 2015 Chevy truck has tag #cpj3434 and somehow NTTA is getting them mixed up and I am paying some of his tolls. Just want to know if he lives near me to argue with NTTA.

    1. Richard, that is very unfortunate but can be fixed relatively easy, especially if those NTTA violations have the photo cameras. That would definitively show that you are not the driver or perpetrator of those toll road violations.

      How To Fight a Texas NTTA Violation

      To fight a Texas NTTA violation you must not pay your violation. Paying your NTTA toll road violation will automatically be a plead of guilty. Instead, hire a North Texas traffic lawyer that can assist you with these toll road violations. The cost of a lawyer can be less than the violation and increase in your auto insurance.

    1. Jackie, if you feel you’re being followed by another vehicle then try and take note of their license plate number and report this to the police. It’s illegal for someone to harass you and if you feel in danger then contacting the police is a good first step.

  14. Received a toll violation for a vehicle sold in 2015. Please verify what vehicle is registered with the personal Texas plate DNTTRP and who the owner is. Thank you

    1. William, you will want to reach out to the Texas Toll Road Authority in the county you received this notice from. They will be able to sort this out for you. It’s possible that the title of the vehicle was not transferred by the new owner. You should have also filed a release of liability for that vehicle you sold in Texas in 2015. That will be evidence that you are not liable for the toll charges if you encounter and friction with the Toll Authority. This situation has happened numerous times so there is a surely a precedence for this department to follow.

      How to Dispute a Texas Toll Road Violation

      You can dispute a Texas Toll Road Violation by filing a “Contest of Notice” of your toll road violation. The contest of the toll road violation should be mailed to you shortly after your Texas toll road violation. Include an explanation of your contest as well as any evidence that shows you are not at fault or not the driver of the vehicle

    1. Doyle, thank you for inquiring about this Texas license plate number however we do not have RV or Motorhome information available with our resources. Please reach out if we can assist you with any vehicle records in the future.


    1. Ivette, unfortunately we cannot lookup Texas license plate numbers by name. Your license plate number should be listed on your vehicle registration, vehicle title and auto insurance card.

  16. Where online can I go to find my temporary license plate number with my vin number. My vehicle was storm but I don\’t remember my temp plat number

    1. Ms. GG, you can contact your DMV directly and make this inquiry to find out your Texas temporary license plate number, you can also go online to the Texas DMV website and make your TX license plate number inquiry there.


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