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Performing A Tennessee Warrant Search

It is possible to find information about legal warrants in the state of Tennessee in a number of ways. One place to perform a Tennessee warrant search is through online public record databases. This is part of the public record that the state makes available. It is a right to know issue for the public, and the ability to a Tennessee warrant search is considered very important to a lot of Tennessee residents. If you’ve had a traffic citation or are currently on probation in Tennessee, then you might consider verifying if you have any outstanding Tennessee warrants.

Tennessee Warrant Search

Tennessee Warrant Search Online

The online warrant database resources the first place to go if you are interested in what active warrants are out there in Tennessee. The name of the database is the Tennessee Warrants Directory, and this is where you should start. You can find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest or for someone that you are checking up on.

Online public records directories is updated frequently, sometimes on a daily basis and contains a lot of very detailed information. That is to say that one can search out the status of a legal warrant based on the type of warrant as well as the county where the warrant has been issued.

Some people just like to look up the outstanding warrants to see what types of crimes are being committed and by whom. They find it interesting in a lot of ways to see what is going on in their communities. Countyoffice.org is the place to go for this type of information.

Tennessee Sheriff Warrant Search

If it is not easy enough for you to find the information you require on the Internet, you might want to go directly to the source. You can review the information that is available at Tennessee sheriff departments throughout the state. They keep records of the warrants that have been issued. They need to have this information obviously so that they may execute those warrants if they happen to find the person who the warrant has been issued against.

The State of Tennessee is pretty open about its information in terms of warrants issued. They pride themselves in keeping records as open as possible and helping the public feel safe. The only time that one might have a difficulty finding the warrant that they seek is if the case is a particularly sensitive one. Tennessee  law enforcement may decide that they need to protect the case that they have made against a particular individual. Unless that is the case, it is going to be easy to find the information you need.

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responses to “Tennessee Warrant Search

    1. Jack, both of the names you mentioned are very common first and last names in Tennessee. Can you also give us the middle names and ages so we can possibly find the correct record for you?

    1. Michelle, we have a few different people listed with the same first and last name in Tennessee. Can you give us more information so we can filter our results and let you know if there is an active TN warrant for the person of interest. If you can give us a DOB, age or middle name that would be helpful. Thanks

    1. We show three different listings for a Jennifer Hester in Tennessee however we don’t show the DOB on these TN warrant records. If you can confirm your middle name we can confirm any warrants we show in our public records databasepublic records databasepublic records database.

  1. I was a victim in an assault crime back around August 2018 and I believe that the crime happened in Johnson City, Tennessee outside of a older ran down but still open motel. I can\’t remember the name of the the motel it has been some time now and also when the crime happened when I was assaulted I was pistol whipped numerous times and then punched in the back of the head which is when I fell to the ground unconscious. When I woke up from being assaulted, the police were all ready there bc some people that were there at the motel had heard me screaming an a man yelling came out of their rooms and saw the man who assaulted me attacking me an called 911. So when the officers got to me the man who assaulted me got away and they were trying to find out who the attacker was an where he might of ran to. They were questioning me and I was answering all of their questions to the best of my ability at the time. They never did find my real attacker. But they had wrongfully arrested a man for the crime even after I told Johnson City police officers that night in front of the man that they had in front of me that HE WAS NOT my attacker. He was still arrested on the crime but when the court date came up I did not receive a sepina for court so I did not appear in court. I live in Georgia. And I have ran into some police in Georgia and when they run my name they are telling me that I have a warrant for Johnson City Tennessee on giving false information to a police officer. So my question to you is can you please tell me if I do in fact have a warrant for Johnson City, Tennessee. For giving false information to a police officer?? If so how in the world can that be possible?? I was the VICTIM in an ASSAULT CRIME. I was knocked unconscious! And I never did give a police report that night not to my knowledge. And I did not tell ANY lies to the police officers I absolutely told them nothing but the truth to everything that I could answer under the circumstances of being knocked unconscious an then surrounded by many many police officers and being asked question after question. I mean they left that night an I never heard anything back from them. Up until a few months ago when I was back in GA and they informed me of the warrant Tennessee had on me. Can you please help me. And find out if there is in fact a warrant on me. My name is Catina Tehetra Ladonna Nix I am 27 yrs old. And the assault happened in Johnson City, Tennessee. I\’m trying to start my life over. I have a 5 yr. Old lil girl. I need to take care of this issue as soon as possible. Find out what I need to do to figure this issue out. Bc I don\’t understand at all what so ever how I have a warrant.. Thank you so much an please please get back to me as soon as possible about this.

    1. Catina, that is a very unfortunate story, we hope you can sort all of this out. That being said, we performed a Free Tennessee Warrant Search for you and nothing came up under your name in Johnson County, Tennessee. To be certain there is not a pending TN warrant you might consider contacting the Johnson City courthouse clerk and inquiring with them about your predicament.

      Best – The Search Quarry Team

    1. Good news Sarah, we don’t show any active TN warrants for you in our Tennessee criminal records database. If you feel this is related to a traffic citation or missed court date then you might want to follow up with the relevant county courthouse and inquire with them.

    1. Our Tennessee warrant records database indicates an open TN warrant for a Stephanie Marie Croft for a Tennessee parole violationTennessee parole violationTennessee parole violation. You can find out more information about this by contacting your Tennessee parole officerTennessee parole officerTennessee parole officer or the TN courts that issued the warrant.

    1. The child support issue is not a felony but we cannot be certain about the domestic violence charge. We can see that Matthew pleaded guilty to this charge but not the specifics of the Tennessee court case sentencing

    1. We ran a TN warrant check and found an open TN warrant for a Matthew W. Warta. There are multiple criminal offenses in Matthew’s Tennessee criminal record. If you can elaborate on what charge you’re interested in we can confirm that criminal record.

    1. Ashley, we did follow up with your original request. Please check the bottom our Tennessee warrant search blog for more details

  2. Is there a warrant for Ashley Coleman 28, Rutledge TN? If so could u tell me what all it says. Thank u

    Oh and the warrant would probably be out of Morristown TN

  3. Are there any active warrants for a Joel David Bryson in Tennessee? Specifically Maury County Tennessee

    Possible warrant number 26820

    1. Carrie, we ran a warrant search for your in Johnson City TN as well as the entire state of Tennessee and did not find anything active. If this is related to a missed court appearance or jury duty then try contacting the appropriate courthouse clerk to inquire and request a rescheduling if possible.

  4. Can you tell me if i ha e any warrants in Tennessee? Thomas A. Miles 39 Cookeville,Tn either Putnam or Overton counties. Any info would be appreciated. Also if my divorce was finalized would be great info

    1. Our Tennessee warrant records show there is an active arrest warrant for a Thomas A Miles for a very serious crime however this person of interest is 51 and has many identifiable facial scars. We are assuming this is not you since you listed your age as 39 years old.

      As far as locating your divorce record, we don’t show anything in our Tennessee vital records database about a divorce under your name. Your best option here would be to contact the relevant TN courthouse clerk and inquire about the finalization of your divorce.

      Please reach out if there are any additional Tennessee public records you’d like us to assist you with.

    1. We show an active Tennessee warrant for a Jeffery B Green with the associated Tennessee criminal charges being Conspiracy to Distribute however, we don’t have the specifics listed as to what is being distributed. There are other warrants listed for a Jeffery Green without a middle name listed and some without an age either. If you can provide us with any additional information such as ethnicity or height or facial marks or tattoos, that would be helpful in refining our warrant list so we can insure we’ve located the correct Tennessee record for you.

    1. Debra, we do show there is a criminal record listed in Tennessee but when we ran a Tennessee arrest warrant search we didn’t find anything active. Is it possible you missed a court date and have a Tennessee bench warrant? If so this could be recent and you might want to contact the Tennessee court clerk and reschedule your missed court date. Other than that we don’t see anything active in our Tennessee criminal records database that is recent.

    1. There were multiple Tennessee warrant listings when we ran Tennessee warrant search though our TN criminal record database and the middle name was not always listed, just the middle initial. We show James Mitchell Conner for SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION VIOLATION – 1ST OFFENSE

  5. Someone I used to be friends with told me if I told anyone he has a warrant he will square up which means beat up. He says its for grand thieft auto, but he lies and I wanted to find out if its true before I call someone. This isn’t the first time he has done this.

    1. Destiny, we don’t show any active Tennessee warrants when we ran a Tennessee warrant search for you. We also ran a Tennessee criminal record search and did not find anything active under your name.

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