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What is in a Background Check?

A background check is typically conducted to uncover a person’s history by looking up his or her public records.  A background check may include; criminal records, court records, police records, judgements, liens, civil records, work history and financial history. Background checks can also be used for identity verification for those being reviewed for employment screening … Continued

DMV Request Forms

Need a Driving Related or DMV Request Forms? Sometimes it’s necessary to make the trip to the DMV to register your vehicle, change a vehicle title, renew your driver’s license or request information by filling out a DMV request form.  Handling some of these things in person is necessary at the motor vehicle office but … Continued

Free Federal Courthouse Finder

Need To Find a Federal Courthouse Near You? If you need to go a federal courthouse for an appointment, obtain a record, report for jury duty or any other reason, you can use our Free Courthouse Finder. You can find the relevant courthouse address, phone number and website with just a click. Just click on our … Continued

Free Inmate Finder

Need To Find A Jail Or Prison Inmate? Want to find an inmate that is in a federal or state prison? Almost 1% of the adult population of the US is incarcerated, over 2.2 million people, the largest prison population in the world.  Finding an inmate can be like finding a needle in a hay … Continued

Free DMV Finder

Need To Find A DMV Near You? Do you have to go to the DMV to register your car, renew your license, make a title change, update your information, or just pay a bill? … Then we can help. We know that going to the DMV can be a daunting experience however it is often necessary. Knowing what DMV … Continued

Court Ordered Warrants

Court Ordered Warrant Types Warrants are court ordered documents that authorize relevant law enforcement officials to arrest or carry out the legal administrative justice of an individual which would otherwise invade an individual’s rights that are protected by law. There are a multitude of warrants that are issued depending on the circumstances such as; bench … Continued

Tax Liens and Paying Your Taxes On Time

Tax Liens and Paying Your Taxes On Time It’s that time again … Do you pay your taxes on time? For many Americans, who work for various companies, their taxes are probably taken out of their paychecks and they might not owe anything ( or maybe a little ) by April 15th, however there are many of us that have … Continued

Privacy in America

Privacy in America Do we have privacy in America?  For most Americans it is difficult to achieve anonymity because we have email addresses, utility bills, credit cards, loans, social media accounts, registered vehicles, public records … and all of these are attached to our identities. Some of the information that is collected is privatized but a … Continued

How To Verify Someone’s Identity

Verifying Someone’s Identity There are many methods that you can use to verify someone’s identity but not all are fool-proof. Biometrics, like finger prints or retinal scans, are probably the best way if you have access to a database ( most of us don’t ). SSN ( Social Security Numbers ) have been a standard method of identifying … Continued

Criminal Records Online

Criminal Records Online – 1 in 4 Adults Have One It sounds like a staggering figure but it’s true, there are nearly 25% of adults that have been incarcerated by the law and have a criminal record. Not all criminal records are severe like the name infers, a criminal records online can be a criminal traffic … Continued

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