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Different Types of Data Brokers

What are the different types of data brokers? Data is one of the most powerful currencies of the modern age. Business leaders focus now more than ever before on acquiring, storing and selling/trading data because details about consumers makes it possible for them to: – Understand members of their target markets better – Provide higher … Continued

What Are Data Brokers?

What Are Data Brokers and How Do They Get their Information? As their lists grow larger, they continue to collect information. The information becomes very intricate as you continue to use the internet for your needs. This can become as intricate as understanding if you are trying to lose weight or gain weight, find a … Continued

History of Criminal Records in America

By January 1930, the Uniform Crime Reporting Program was in place. The Federal Bureau of Investigation serves as the national clearinghouse for such data. In 1967, the National Crime Information Center began to collect and share data used by federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. But prior to 1976, there was no public … Continued

Data Brokers and The Information That They Collect

Thanks to social media, mobile devices, and government bureaucracy, a flood of information on consumer activity and habits is growing, and organizations are very interested in getting it. Data Brokers These are companies that collect and aggregate consumer information to create detailed profiles which can be purchased by other organizations. Data brokers are also known … Continued

Free California Criminal Records

Free California Criminal Records Online A California criminal record search can reveal a lot about a person.  A criminal record can reveal important information about a person’s past. This  might include; arrests records, active warrants, background records, police records, court reports, DUIs, traffic citations, prison & jail records to name a few. With the advent … Continued

Vehicle Identification Number Search

Vehicle Identification Number Definition A Vehicle Identification Number, also known as a VIN, is a 17 digit alpha numeric code that vehicle manufacturers use to describe the make, model and design features of a vehicle. There are dozens upon dozens of detail that can be gleaned from a Vehicle Identification Number Search. You can even … Continued

History of the Freedom of Information Act in America

There is not just one Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The federal government and every state has a Freedom of Information Act, which governs how requests for access to public records are to be handled by government agencies. Public records consist of documents and information collected by the government while overseeing various activities. The federal … Continued

History of Public Records in America

The History of Public Records in the United States Public records consist of parts of information or documents which are not confidential. The information is available to anyone, and a copy of the document can be ordered from the county in which the event occurred. The United States has the most access to records than … Continued

Sociopath Manipulation

Are You Being Manipulated by a Sociopath? It is estimated by psychological professionals that 3-4% of the population could be considered sociopaths. Sociopathy is a spectrum so sociopaths are not all the same. They are defined by a handful of characteristics, and if an individual exhibits a certain percentage of those characteristics then they can be considered a … Continued

Texas Driving Record

Texas Driving Record Online There may be times when you or another person needs access to a Texas driving record. There are a couple ways someone can obtain a Texas Driving Record. The first is online. With the advent of online public record databases, most driving records are available via the internet. The only caveat for a … Continued

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