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Wisconsin Criminal Records

Wisconsin Criminal Records Search The Crime Information Bureau (CIB) of the Department of Justice maintains the criminal records in Wisconsin. The Crime Information Bureau maintains the Wisconsin criminal records in the Centralized Criminal History (CCH) database. The CCH database maintained by the CIB contains detailed information about charges, arrests, sentences, court findings and prosecution. The … Continued

West Virginia Criminal Records

West Virginia Criminal Records Search The term ?criminal record? has several meanings. For example, it may refer to the criminal convictions of a particular individual or to the records held by West Virginia courts. Nonetheless, the record of a person?s criminal history is what West Virginia criminal records generally refers to. The West Virginia records … Continued

Washington Criminal Records

Washington Criminal Records Search Any person who?s ever been arrested and fingerprinted is bound to have to criminal history record. The written form of your criminal history record is referred to as a criminal history report or a rap sheet. Generally, law enforcement agencies create criminal history records though maintaining and disseminating the records is … Continued

Virginia Criminal Records

Virginia Criminal Records Search There are many meanings of the term ?criminal record?. For example, the term may refer to a particular individual?s criminal convictions or to the records held by the courts in Virginia. In simple terms, a criminal record is the record of an individual?s criminal history. Information about your previous history with … Continued

Vermont Criminal Records

Vermont Criminal Records Search Not so long ago, handwritten or typed Vermont criminal records maintained at local police stations prevented the sharing of the information between agencies. This in turn allowed a person to escape his or her criminal past simply by moving to another city or state. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. … Continued

Utah Criminal Records

Utah Criminal Records Search A variety of reasons make it necessary for U.S citizens to present a ?certificate of good conduct? or a lack of Utah criminal records. Some of the reasons include employment, school attendance, and adoption. The best way to present someone a ?certificate of good conduct? or a ?lack of a criminal … Continued

Texas Criminal Records

Texas Criminal Records Search Over the past three decades, the number of Americans with a criminal record has risen sharply. According to the Department of Justice, approximately hundred million Americans have a criminal record today. Though, the majority of these people haven?t been convicted of a serious crime. Nonetheless, state criminal history repositories record every … Continued

Tennessee Criminal Records

Tennessee Criminal Records Search A record of a person?s Tennessee criminal history, a criminal record includes federal, state, and local criminal information. In addition to the criminal history, the criminal record include the searched person?s name and known aliases, DOB, photograph, fingerprints and address. Tennessee criminal records are made accessible to the government agencies functioning … Continued

South Dakota Criminal Records

South Dakota Criminal Records Search A variety of reasons including employment, school attendance, and adoption necessitate U.S citizens to present a ?lack of a criminal record? or a ?certificate of good conduct?. Giving other people access to their state criminal record is the only way U.S citizens can do that. In South Dakota, the Division … Continued

South Carolina Criminal Records

South Carolina Criminal Records Search The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) maintains the criminal records in the state of South Carolina. Often, the SLED provides the state and federal law enforcement agencies with South Carolina criminal records. Due to budget constraints, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) only accepts mail requests for South … Continued

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