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Chicago Police Records Search

How to Search Chicago Police Records Whether you need a copy of an accident report for your insurance company or are applying for a job and want to check your criminal record,  a search of Chicago police records could provide you with the information you need. In order to conduct a Chicago police records search, … Continued

Birth Certificate Records

Birth Certificate Records Are Public Records Birth certificate records are the official government public records and documentation of birth printed on security paper. In order for a birth certificate to be official, it must have the embossed seal. There may be a copy provided after birth at the hospital, but it is different in that … Continued

Probation Violation Search

What is a Probation Violation? Probation is an option available to judges in state, federal and local courts when imposing a sentence on someone who has been convicted of committing a crime. Instead of ordering that the person be confined to a jail or prison, a judge could allow the person to remain in the … Continued

How to Seal a Criminal Record

How Do I Seal My Criminal Record? A lapse in judgment could affect you for the rest of your life if it resulted in an arrest and a criminal conviction. Long after you complete the conditions of the sentence handed down by a judge, the stigma of a criminal record stays with you. Employers, landlords … Continued

Court Docket Search

How to Search Court Dockets Online Going through court proceedings, whether you’re dealing with a minor offense or something more serious, can be nerve-wracking. For a lot of individuals, doing the small things like obtaining or even understanding the importance of a court docket can be very tricky. Use this guide to learn more about … Continued

California Police Record Search

How to Lookup a California Police Record California is a large state with many residents, and for that reason, police records tend to stack up in many jurisdictions. In many cases, attorneys and individuals do need to access these records though, and while it should be a simple process, especially if you’re looking up your … Continued

Scam Artist Search – Know Who Your Friends Are

Scam Artists Are Everywhere The federal government received almost 2.7 million complaints in a one-year period from consumers who were victimized through fraud, deceit and other tactics associated with a scam artist. The toll of all of the reported scams, confidence games and tricks are estimated to cost their victims almost $1 billion a year.  … Continued

Texas Police Record Search

The Importance of Texas Police Records If you have ever had a run-in with the law in Texas, then there is a good chance you have a Texas police record in your name. Police records need to be taken extremely seriously since they can have a massive impact on your quality of life. Simple tasks, … Continued

How to Check For Bench Warrants

What Is A Bench Warrant? A bench warrant is an open warrant that is typically the result of a missed court date, unpaid court fine or an unpaid traffic citation, which are all infractions. The court system, at least for most infractions, is designed to provide individuals with access to a judge in a timely … Continued

How to Check My Arrest Charges

What Are Arrest Charges? Getting arrested is a big deal. Even if you are never convicted of a crime, the fact that you have simply been arrested can have a major impact on your life. Potential employers may be hesitant to hire you, landlords could deny you housing, and you may have a hard time … Continued

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