Pennsylvania Divorce Records

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Pennsylvania Divorce Records Search

The Pennsylvania Department of Health maintains and issues Pennsylvania divorce records. The Pennsylvania Department of Health maintains records from 1906 to present. The Division of Vital Records of the Pennsylvania Department of Health does not provide divorce certificates rather it verifies the legal status of a divorce. To obtain divorce certificates, you need to contact the court in the county where the divorce was granted. You can obtain a copy of a Pennsylvania divorce record through mail, fax, online or in person. In Pennsylvania a warrant can have serious consequences that can land you in jail and with some hefty fines. It’s a good idea to be in the know and check to see if you have a PA warrant before it’s too late.

To obtain the divorce records in person, you’ll need to visit the county court clerk office at the court where the divorce was granted. If you choose to make a mail request, following is the information you’ll need to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your spouse’s name
  • The county or city where you were granted the divorce
  • The month and year the divorce was granted
  • The purpose you require the divorce records/ certificate
  • If requesting for someone else’s record, how are you related to the person?
  • A photocopy of your current government issued photo ID

Along with the pay order or check for the fee, you need to send the mail request that contains the aforementioned information to:

Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records 
P.O. Box 1528
New Castle, PA 16103 

If you want to request a copy of a Pennsylvania divorce record over the phone, you can call the Pennsylvania Department of Health at 724- 656-3100.You can also obtain Pennsylvania divorce records online through public databases. By signing yourself up with the online service and paying a fee, you can perform a search for Pennsylvania divorce records and obtain a copy of the divorce record you need. The public databases are also a good way to obtain the divorce records you need.

A single database is where these online services keep the divorce records. This makes it easy and quicker to conduct searches related to Pennsylvania divorce information. Making an online request through public databases for Pennsylvania divorce records is the quickest way to obtain the records as these online public databases provide you real-time access to Pennsylvania divorce records. Before you request for Pennsylvania divorce records, make sure that you have a proper purpose for the request. If you have any further queries about Pennsylvania divorce records, you can visit the website of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Pennsylvania Divorce Records
Pennsylvania Divorce Records

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12 responses to “Pennsylvania Divorce Records

  1. How to get a copy of divorce decree of Karen Lee Bensel and William Leimbach, year divorced was 1988 or 1989, I need a copy for adoption of my grandson.

    1. In order to get a copy of a Pennsylvania divorce decree you will want to contact your local Pennsylvania county courthouse clerk where you divorce took place. They will assist you with an official copy for a small fee.

      How to Get a Copy of a Pennsylvania Divorce Decree

      1. Contact the Pennsylvania county courthouse clerk
      2. Request a copy of your divorce decree
      3. Provide proof of ID and pay the fee for an official copy
      4. Processing may take a few weeks

    1. To obtain a copy of your Pennsylvania Divorce Certificate you will need to visit the Pennsylvania county courthouse where your divorce took place and make this request to the courthouse clerk. You’ll need to present photo identification and fill out the required form for a copy to obtain a copy of your Pennsylvania divorce certificate.

  2. I need a copy of my divorce certificate….My married name is Judith E. Malitas…maiden name is Judith E. Smith….my x husbands name is Antonios H. Malitas….THANK YOU

    1. In order to get a copy of your Pennsylvania divorce certificate you will want to contact the county courthouse clerk where your divorce took place. Many official Pennsylvania court records can also be obtained by an online service, used by the courts, called Vital Check. A third option is to contact the Pennsylvania Prothonotary’s Office in the county where the divorce certificate was filed.

      3 Ways To Get Pennsylvania Divorce Records

      1. Request a copy from the county court where the divorce took place
      2. Contact the relevant Pennsylvania Prothonotary’s Office
      3. Use an FCRA public records service to obtain a copy

  3. I need a divorce decree. Our names are Francisco Salvador and Dorys Zelena Mejia . We were divorced on 1992. Thsnks

    1. Obtain a Copy of a Pennsylvania Divorce Decree

      You can obtain a copy of your Pennsylvania divorce decree contacting the courthouse clerk where the divorce decree was filed. You will need to provide the date and proof of identification for certified copies of Pennsylvania divorce decrees.

  4. Can I get a copy of my DIVORCE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT.
    I have my Decree of Divorce but need the DIVORCE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT to request pension benefits of deceased ex-husband.

    What information do I need to supply and most important IS THERE A FEE?

    1. In order to get a copy of your Pennsylvania Divorce Settlement Agreement you will want to contact your attorney or your ex-spouse’s attorney. Typically if you made a divorce agreement settlement without going to the courts this should be in the possession of the ex-spouses and their corresponding attorneys. If this PA Divorce Agreement Settlement was handled through the courts then you can contact the relevant Pennsylvania courthouse clerk and inquire about obtaining a copy.

  5. I need copies of 2 divorce records for my passport and drivers license. They have to have the state seal on them. I can\’t remember the dates I was divorced. How can I get them ?

    1. Theresa, in order to obtain official copies of your Pennsylvania divorce record you will want to reach out to the courthouse where your divorce was filed and request a certified copy of your PA divorce records. Those will have the official court seal that you can use to obtain your USA passportUSA passportUSA passport.

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