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The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is a sub-branch of the Oregon Department of Transportation. It serves various functions related to legal and official matters concerning motor vehicles. To begin an Oregon License Plate Lookup fill out the form above.

Oregon License Plate Lookup Information

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles manages the titling, registration, ownership, and safety of motor vehicles. It is also concerned with maintaining a record of all vehicle license plates. This includes not only keeping tabs on historical license plates or formulating a license plates manual, it also entails updating the public of any changes to the Oregon license plating system.

Oregon License Plate Types

Different kinds of license plates are available with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. Ranging from general passenger vehicle license plates to custom (personalized) plates, you will have many options to choose from. Special license plates for particular drivers and driving purposes are also available which include Amateur Radio Operator, Antique, and Disabled Veteran, to name a few. License plates with a special background are also on the list. Custom plates include;

  • Custom Tree License Plate
  • Custom Salmon Plate
  • Custom Crater Lake License Plate
  • Custom Cultural Plate
  • Custom Wine Country Plate
  • Custom Trail Blazers Plate
  • Custom Motorcycle/Moped License Plate
  • Custom Motor Home/Camper/Travel
  • Trailer Plate

Oregon License Plate Information Privacy

The department does not reveal certain personal information of any license plate holder or vehicle owner. Only qualifying entities are allowed to access any private information upon request. These entities are mostly agencies or businesses including attorneys, insurance companies, or law enforcement agencies. Apart from these, the general public is not informed about the name, address, or phone number of the license plate holder. Their driver license, identification, or permit number is also not revealed. This respect for privacy is due to the Oregon Record Privacy Law followed by the department.

Oregon License Plate Inquiry Account

Due to subjection of Oregon’s Record Privacy Law, only a few entities have access to information regarding license plates and vehicle registration. However, there is formal process to be granted this access. This requires them to have a DMV Record Inquiry Account. This account is established by filing an application which would ascertain whether one is qualified to receive personal information or not. A $70 non-refundable charge is also applicable. After payment of this amount, the application would need to be submitted at Oregon DMV along with a proper and complete set of required documents.

Oregon License Plate Lookup

License Plate Disclaimer

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8 responses to “Oregon License Plate Lookup

  1. Hi,i recently bought a 1978 red f250 pick up truck here in England. With the vehicle I have much history and can track it back to Portland, Oregon I believe. The licence plate was yellow. Its number was:- HS 997. I am attempting to put the trucks history together upto the point it came over here 3 or 4 years ago. I am doing this for my own interest,i am more than happy to meet any cost. If this is something you can’t help with perhaps you could point me in the correct direction. I would love to track previous owners for photographs, any paper work e.t.c..Many thanks M. Pyke

    1. Hello Michael,

      I looked up the Oregon license plate number in our database and couldn’t find any information about your vehicle history. We can only run complete Oregon license plate numbers so if it’s incomplete our resources won’t be able to track down the information you’ve requested. If you have a VIN number we can also lookup the vehicle history with a VIN search. That being said you can check with the Oregon DMV and see if they can assist you further. I have included a link to their website below.


      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  2. I have a camp trailer with Crater Lake license plates in oregon the numbers are 01040 please help with year make and modle

    1. Our Oregon license plate lookup resources are for cars, trucks and motorcycles only. Unfortunately we don’t have license plate resources for trailers and campers. You will want to contact the Oregon Department of Transportation for more information about the Oregon trailer registration including year, make and model.

  3. My 1985 Blazer plate number 895KEV was stolen and towed and impounded. My Oregon State taxes were seized to pay impound and storage. The auto was stolen. How do I get my taxes returned to me?

    1. In this scenario your best option would be to contact the state of Oregon or hire a lawyer to sort things out with your Oregon Blazer with the license plate number you mentioned. We are a public record website and do not have an affiliation with the state of Oregon

  4. I have a car that is parked on my property, and I am trying to ascertain the owner. I have a pretty solid guess as to who it belongs to, but I want to check before having it towed (this person has been down on their luck and I don’t want to add to their stress, if possible). I know I can go through the DMV but I don’t think they would approve my request, and it costs money. Any help would be amazing. Thank you for any info or advice.

    1. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with a license plate search based on the reasons you’ve provided. In order to use our license plate or vehicle record resources you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of use. That being said, you can contact the police and inquire about having this vehicle removed, another option is to leave a note to the owner letting them know your intentions.

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