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Tulsa Oklahoma DMV Offices

DMV Offices City Address Phone
Barnes Tag Agency, Inc Tulsa 6542 E. 91st St. Tulsa, OK 74133 918 492-4990
Garnett Tag Agency Tulsa 5807 S. Garnett Road Tulsa, OK 74146 918 250-7284
Driver License Exam Station Tulsa 14002 E. 21st St. Eastgate Metroplex Tulsa, OK 74134 918 632-7700
Eastside Tag Agency Tulsa 1914 S. Garnett Road Tulsa, OK 74128 918 234-6244
Southside Tag Agency Tulsa 8741 S. Lewis Ave. Suite A Tulsa, OK 74137 918 299-6333
Mid-Town Tag Agency Tulsa 5131 S. Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105 918 747-6599
Turley Tag Agency Tulsa 5918 N. Peoria Ave. Tulsa, OK 74126 918 428-5856
Vern Tag Agency Tulsa 708 S 49th West Ave. Tulsa, OK 74127 918 582-2122
Driver License Exam Station Tulsa 3190 W. 21st St. S. Tulsa, OK 74107 918 428-4030
Billies Towne West Tag Agency Tulsa 5632 W. Skelly Drive Tulsa, OK 74107 918 445-2929
Northside Tag Agency Tulsa 2615 N. Cincinnati Ave. Tulsa, OK 74148 918 428-2596
Downtown Tulsa Tag Agency Tulsa 201 W. 5th St. Tulsa, OK 74103 918 582-8247
Inhofe Tag Agency Tulsa 3190 W. 21st St. Tulsa, OK 74107 918 591-3099

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