Neighborhood Safety Tips -

Neighborhood Safety Tips

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Top 5 Neighborhood Safety Tips

The days of leaving your doors unlocked at all times are gone. Times have changed and unfortunately, the way things have changed do not make us feel safer. Everyone wants to feel and be safe in their homes and neighborhoods, but with the crime rate being what it is and more than 1 in 4 adults having a criminal record, it sometimes seems hopeless. But don’t give up hope, there are things you can do to try and keep your home and neighborhood safety intact.

Neighborhood Safety Tips 1 – Know Your Neighbors

Get to know when your neighbors work, if they have children and what they look like. Know whether or not any of your neighbors are elderly and living alone. The more you know about your neighbors the easier it is to pick out anything that looks suspicious or anyone that may be out of place. Neighborhood safety begins with knowing who lives next door.

Neighborhood Safety Tips 2 – Install a Security System

A security system will help protect your home from intruders. As more and more people within a neighborhood add a security system, the amount of crime will be reduced. Though this might not directly add to neighborhood safety it might encourage a burglar to go to a different neighborhood.

Neighborhood Safety Tips 3 – Ensure Your Blinds and Windows are Closed at Night

When it’s dark out and you have the lights on, anyone can see into your home without you knowing they are there. A potential intruder could scope out the items you have within your home, the layout of it, and how many people live there. Leaving a window open gives an intruder an easy way to get into your home.

Neighborhood Safety Tips 4 – Ensure There is Adequate Light on Your Street

All neighborhoods have street lights, but these are not the only way to light up your neighborhood at night. Turn your porch light on at night and install motion-sensor lights in areas that may be dark, such as the back and sides of your house. This will ensure intruders do not have a place to hide. You should discuss it with your neighbors and suggest that they consider doing the same.

Neighborhood safety is a group effort and using these tips will help in the efforts to keep you and your neighborhood safer.

Neighborhood Safety Tips 5 – Take Precautions When Going Out of Town

When you are going out of town, make sure that you let your neighbors know and ask if they will help keep an eye on your house. Ask them if anyone would be willing to cut your lawn or shovel snow for you. You could also set up a timer for the lights inside and outside of your home to turn on and off at certain times. These things will give the appearance that you are still home. Sometimes neighborhood safety can be an illusion but if it detours criminals then it’s adding to your neighborhood safety

Additional Neighborhood Safety Tips

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Neighborhood Safety Tips

Neighborhood Safety Tips



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