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Death Records
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  • Parent's Names
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Marriage Records
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Divorce Records
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The Birth Records Database

In the member’s area you will find our “Vital Records” section, and our birth records search is in that section. Other vital records searches include death records, marriage records, and divorce records. Other searches available in the member’s area include criminal records, court records, lien records, driving records, vehicle records, people search, background checks, and phone number lookups.

Birth Records as Public Record

If you are searching for an ancestor or doing some sort of historical research, there are various birth records online for free in transcript form. If you are searching for a birth record for someone that is still living or are searching for an official copy, you will have to pay for them. 

Accessing Birth Records

For the most part, records such as birth certificates are public records. This means that the general public can usually access them through the proper channels in their state; however, it is important to note that not all states will allow you to access birth records unless you:

are the individual in the birth record

are an immediate member of the family

have received consent from those in the birth record

That is because birth certificates are technically considered to be a piece of identification in many states.If you want to access someone’s birth records, check with the vital records unit for your state regarding their policy. 

It is also important to check if the birth record that you are interested in is sealed to the public or not. If a birth record has been sealed due to a closed adoption case, the general public is not able to access that record without a court order from a judge. This requires a solid reason for accessing the birth records and the need to cut through a lot of red tape. 

Requesting Birth Records

Birth records are easy to obtain in person, depending on the laws of the state when it comes to a third-party records request. In general, all you have to do is visit the vital records unit with your request, any fees that are applicable, as well as your government issued photo ID with your signature. 

For those who want to streamline the process, third party companies provide the service of getting copies of birth records for you. They help to streamline the process so that you only have to deal directly with one company. In addition, these companies can ensure that you receive certified copies of any birth records that your order. 

However, before you order birth records through a third party, make sure that the records that you are seeking can be purchased with a third party. There are some states that do not allow third parties to access birth records.


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