Massachusetts Warrant Search

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Types of Warrants In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, three types of warrants are issued. You may find arrest warrants, search warrants, or bench warrants. In order to issue an arrest warrant or a search warrant, a judge needs to have probable cause, while a bench warrant is usually issued on an individual for failing to appear in court.

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Massachusetts Warrant Search

Executing a Warrant in Massachusetts

In circumstances when warrants are issued for arrest, the execution is left to police. They then set about to search and arrest the wanted person. Like any state in USA, arrest and warrant records are available for public to use. The motive is to enable citizens to become aware of wanted persons. Using this information, people can know about any warrants they are to serve. They can also use these to tip off the authorities about any offenders out on the run.

Third Party Online Searches for Massachusetts Warrants

Citizens in Massachusetts can make online searches for warrant records. These records are made available by county offices. Third party websites provide a simple user interface that allows for a quick search by entering first and last names of a person. The results reveal the person’s bio details and the crimes for which they are wanted. The status of their warrant or record for the particular offense may also be seen, which increases public awareness.

Searching the Most Wanted List in Massachusetts  has specific wanted lists by other legal authorities. These are of county or state level. At the County Office, most wanted lists are provided by various departments, including:

These records contain birth records, crime details, outstanding fines, and any warrants issued. Along with this, their file photos are also available so that serious offenders can be identified.

The website also allows narrowed search for a specific county or city. That way one can know about warrants wanted in each city or state. It is beneficial to know about other cities you have been to or other counties you visited.

Additional Third Party Sites for Warrant Searches in Massachusetts

Other third party websites also allow citizens to know about wanted criminals. They rely on the already released data by state department offices. These could be the county sheriff’s office, the county court clerk’s office, or the local police. These websites are not 100% reliable, since their records may be outdated. They only get an update when some data is released by the local authorities and so their search may be helpful but not 100% reliable. Like the official source, you can find warrant records by name search. Other lists such as most wanted DEA, DOC lists and wanted sex offenders are also available on these websites.

Depending on the severity of the crime and how notorious the criminal is, warrants may be issued for local, state or national level. The online record availability is beneficial to help both the citizens and the police. It allows both to play their part in creating a better and safer community. In future, it is likely that, on a federal level, public records will also be available. It is needed so that crime can be beaten and not just safer states, counties, or cities, but a safe country is made.

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18 responses to “Massachusetts Warrant Search

    1. Kelvin, please let us know if you need assistance with a Massachusetts warrant search. Our public record databases have over 2 billion records that you can search with just a first and last name. All Massachusetts warrant record searches are anonymous.

    1. Our Massachusetts warrant search did not show anything for Jakeline Ramos in our Massachusetts public record database. You can also verify this MA warrant information by contacting the relevant Massachusetts law enforcement or county courthouse clerk

    1. We show there is an active Massachusetts arrest warrant for being a fugitive from justice. We don’t show however what Massachusetts criminal record this is associated with.

      Fugitive From Justice Warrant

      A fugitive from justice warrant is defined as any person who has fled to avoid prosecution for a crime or give testimony and a warrant has been issued for their arrest

  1. Trying to see why or what my warrant out of Boston,MA is for. last time I had any issues there I was 15 but it was resolved???

    1. We don’t show anything on your adult Massachusetts criminal record report that would indicate a warrant. Unfortunately we cannot look at your juvenile records as they are not public record. You will need to contact the relevant juvenile courthouse to inquire about any such information.

      Massachusetts Juvenile Court Functions

      The Massachusetts juvenile court system has oversight of juvenile offender cases, juvenile care and protection as well as delinquency cases. Juvenile court cases are confidential and not public record.

    1. Chanelle, we don’t show any active MA warrants for you. We also expanded the search nationwide and nothing came up

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