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Looking up someone’s public record can be as easy as a name search but how do you know if you’ve found the right person? Many people have the same name with the same spelling. A good way to verify someone’s identity and correct public record is to cross reference as many fields of data as possible … Addresses and phone numbers are always a good means but a birth record and SSN are an absolute means of verifying someone’s identity if you know their birth date and the city they were born in. If the person is married and changed their last name then a marriage record would be another good means of verifying you’re looking up the correct public record for the correct person. Please be mindful with the information you obtain as some information may be incorrect or sensitive in nature. Try us out with a 5 day trial for $3 … People Searches Made Easy

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  1. I’m looking for a person I’m willing to pay can you help me I can’t seem to find them and I need help Thank You Zevon

    • Hello Zevon,

      Thanks for reaching out. I would be happy to help you out. What is the person’s name and city and state they live in? If you know their age that would be helpful too.

      Search Quarry Team

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