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Need To Find a Federal Courthouse Near You?

If you need to go a federal courthouse for an appointment, obtain a record, report for jury duty or any other reason, you can use our Free Courthouse Finder. You can find the relevant courthouse address, phone number and website with just a click. Just click on our link below, select a state and find the courthouse you’re looking for by city or zip code. If you need to look up court records, we’ve provided you with the option to search for court records by person.

Use our Free Federal Courthouse Finder

What Are Federal Courts?

Federal courts are are made up of 3 levels of government courts; The Supreme Court, The Court of Appeals and The Federal District Courts. The Supreme Court is usually reserved for last resort cases and they have the discretion to hear the cases they want under discretionary review. The Court of Appeals is an intermediate court that is obligated to hear all appeal cases. The District Courts, 94 in total or one for every federal district, handles all the general federal court trials. These courts are all federally controlled and are different than the state and city courts that handle state and city disputes, offenses and violations that are not of a federal matter.

Free Courthouse Finder

US Supreme Courthouse


  1. Request of all court case matters regarding my son Richard Ochoa Jr. D.O.B. 1/20/14
    From 1/23/14-present

    • Thanks for your inquiry Richard … I would recommend performing a search ( click here for a Preliminary Search ) and signing up for our 5 day $3 trial if you see any relevant results. Sometimes with court cases that are that recent it takes a while to get the germane records you’re looking for so with that in mind try our 5 day trial and see if you can dig up the information you’re looking for.

      – Search Quarry Team

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