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A lien is a type of security interest that is placed on property or asset to secure the payment or re-payment of a debt or other financial obligation. In your public record a lien record says that you were unable to pay a debt and there is financial leverage placed upon your financial assets or paycheck. The most common type of lien is an IRS tax lien and it’s just as you might guess … it’s from not paying your taxes on time. If you think you might have a tax lien, IRS lien or any other form of financial lien you should check your public record to insure it’s accuracy and to check for errors. Your public record is your identity so it is recommended that you look at your public record ( ie. lien records ) at least once yearly to monitor this. You can get a copy of your public record at Search Quarry from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone. Try us out and get a 5 day trial for $3 … Lien Records Search Made Easy.

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