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People Phone License Plate VIN

Staying Safe on a First Date

Dating websites and apps are a huge aspect of 21st-century life. Meeting someone through mutual friends seems to be increasingly rare as more and more people choose to pursue romance online. There are many great people on these dating platforms, but there are also some dangerous people. Use the tips to help stay safe on a first date. You can also start by performing a dating background check with the search form above.

Meet Your Date in a Public Place

It is usually a good idea to meet the individual in a public place such as a coffee shop or restaurant, preferably a familiar place. Having others around will likely reduce the chance that the person tries to harm you. Avoid allowing your date to pick you up from your home as this will provide them information about where you live and could provide an opportunity for them to harm you. Meeting the person at the establishment will allow you to use your own vehicle, or method of transportation, so you are not restricted to your date’s. It is best to keep all interaction in the public eye and avoid dimly lit parking lot areas.

Dating Background CheckPerform a Dating Background Check

Do as much research on the individual as you can. Look through their social media profiles to get a gauge on what kind of person they are. Some red flags to look for are the absence of a social media account, limited information on an account, and few friends or followers. Examining a person’s social media can give you an idea of who the person is, but it is not foolproof. People can make their social media whatever they want it to be.

Tell Your Friends Your Date Plans

Keeping a friend or relative in the loop is very important. Tell them where you are meeting the individual and what time you expect the date to be over and text them periodically. You can also use a location sharing app with your friend so that they can see your location at all times. Another good idea would be to have a friend sit at another table in the restaurant to monitor the situation.

Don’t Give Away Too Much Personal Information

Be careful with the information you share with your date, both before the date and during it. Information that you think is insignificant could be very revealing. Avoiding providing too much information about where you work and live.

Arrive Early To Your Date

Arriving at the location early will allow you to develop a feel for your surroundings and pick a table that is in a good location of the restaurant or coffee shop.

Analyze Your Date’s Behavior Before You Meet Them

If the person is insistent on picking you up from home or going to a part of town that you are not familiar with, you should be wary. Through the individual’s communication before the date, you may be able to gauge the individual’s intentions and decide whether or not you should go on the date at all.

Little things can make a big difference in regards to your safety on a first date. These are just a few tips to help you make safe decisions when meeting someone you met online. It is always important to use common sense and instincts to keep your self out of harm’s way. Adding to that, by running an online dating background check, is an additional layer of safety. Being in the know is a great way avoid unsafe situations.


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